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When describing processes in IELTS Writing Task 1, it is important to identify clearly the sequence and order of the stages using a variety of Transition Signals, and participial clauses of time. These provide variety in sentence structure and coherence in writing.

Transition signals—process of description

There are several grammatical features, which are used when describing a process:
—-a topic sentence with a controlling idea
—-present passive verb forms
—-transition signals for sequencing and ordering

Processes are organized chronologically, using:

1. time sequence markers

2. adverbial clauses of time and participial clauses of time


Type Examples
Ordering first, firstly, first of all, secondly, next, then, finally, then last lastly, subsequently, now
Prepositions of time after, before, during, at when until, while, as soon as, since eventually, earlier, later

Examples of sentence structures using time sequence markers:-

First, the glass is heated. Then it is shaped into a bottle.

(two independent sentences)

After the glass is heated, it is shaped into a bottle.

(adverbial clause& independent clause)

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