IELTS Speaking Discussion Questions – Part 3

In Speaking Part 3, a candidate is expected to discuss some questions related to a topic. Often these questions are formed in predictable ways:

  • To what extent
  • In what ways
  • What are the main differences between
  • Which do you prefer
  • What…
  • How…

For instance, if you get a topic related to shopping the possible questions in Part III discussion questions can be:

Q1.   To what extent is shopping a form of relaxation?

Q2.   In what ways have shopping habits been changed by globalization?

Q3.   What are the main differences between the shopping habits of the people in the past and now?

Q4.   Which do you prefer: conventional or internet shopping?

Q5.   What is the purpose of advertising in informing people about what is available?

Q6.   How will internet change the way we shop, in future?

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