Improve Your Reading Score By Following The Three Strategies Mentioned Below

  1. Style: When filling the answers, copy the example’s style. For demonstration look at the following table:
USA UK New Zealand
Divorces rate Example 1: 55%
Marriage Example 2: First

Example I

If the example says “55%” give your answer in this exact form, a number and %. Any other form or style (like ‘55’ or 55%” Fifty Five Percent) may harm your score.

Example 2

If the example says “first”, answering in any other form or style (like 1st, 1 or first marriage may harm your score)

  1. Words limit: Usually if there is a word limit for an answer, it is no more than 3 words. Prepositions (In, of, to, at) and articles (a, an, the) also are included in the word limit. So do not write any extra word as it would affect your score.
  1. One questionone answer: Don’t give more than one answer to one question, even if you see more than one option. It will result in zero score.

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