Speaking Answer For IELTS Exam

The Topic – Sports on Television you would like to try

Whenever I watch sports on television I am really fascinated with winter sports. As I live in India so we do not have much of winter sports because of the climate. When I see people skiing or doing ice-skating, even I feel that once in my lifetime, I should try these sports. I am attracted towards the snow slopes and when I watch the skiers, travelling over the snow on skis, I feel that it really must be an enjoyable and thrilling experience. So I have decided to visit some cold region during winters where I would like to try this sport. The equipment’s needed for this are skis poles, helmets and goggles and I would need a trainer for few days to train me. The Alpine or downhill skiing is the most popular form of this and it is a much sought after recreational activity and sports practiced in snow-covered regions worldwide. Basically, it is a race between the skiers and they have to navigate a series of alternating red and blue gates down the hill. So, whenever I get a chance I would like to try this sport in the future.

Follow Up Questions:-

Q1: Do sportsmen and women make good role models for young people?

A1: Definitely yes! Young people try to emulate the players and some of the legends always give credit, to their role models in life. For instance Virat Kohli THE CAPTAIN OF Indian team has been a great fan of the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, and in many of his interviews, he has given many instances, where he wanted to play cricket like him.

Q2: Why do you think sports stars are paid so much? Is it justified? Why? Why not?

A2: Well, there are some people who think it is unfair that sportsperson get huge amount of money. If we see the pay cheques of many international stars like Christiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams and M.S. Dhoni, the common people fell that it is not justified because other people also work hard throughout their lives and they still are not able to meet their expenses. However I think, they are talented and popular, so whatever they are earning is because of their face value, dedication and popularity.

Q3: Are we too concerned with the sports stars rather than the sports themselves?

A3: Of lately, yes people are curious to know what is happening in their lives and may be this is due to media. The paparazzi follow the sports stars and give insights about their lives. But it does not undermine the value of sports as we are interested in them because of their skills in particular sports.