Speaking Topic Asked to the Students for IELTS exam held on 1st Dec in Ludhiana

Q1.  Who is your favourite Pop Star?

A:   My favourite Pop Star is Taylor Swift/ Justin Biber. He/she has a melodious voice and I have always listened to his/her songs during my teens.

Q2.  Have you ever attended a music concert?

A:   Yes, I have attended music concert, though not of any favourite pop star, but of the local bands.

Q3.  How does music affect your mood?

A:   Well definitely music acts as a stress-buster. Whenever I am anxious or stressed up I listen to music, to alleviate my mood.


Q1.  Do you like rain? Why/ Why not?

A:    Yes, I enjoy going out in rain and I feel that rainy season is my favourite season. I really love the fresheners and the greenery around, while it rains.

Q2:   Do you think that rain affects peoples mood or behavior?

A:    According to me, definitely, yes it brings out happiness among the people and it has been scientifically proven that rain alleviates one’s mood.

Q3:  Does it often rain where you live?

A:   Well, not very often, I would say. But yes, during the rainy season from July to September. It rains heavily and also there are few showers, the whole year around.








I love to watch Television and my favourite series is a, sitcom known as ‘24’. Basically 24 is an American Television series produced for the Fox Network. Each season comprises 24 episodes and covers 24 hours of the main protagonist’s life using the real time method of narration.

This thriller series focuses on an anti-terrorist unit agent named Jai Singh Rathod who has twenty four hours to save the country from a major terrorist attack. Anil Kapoor, a leading Bollywood Actor plays the main role in the series. What I really liked about it was the pace with which the events were narrated. All the actors really performed very well in the series and it looked as if every sequence was happening in front of our eyes. My entire family loved this series and we made it a point, not to miss any one of the episodes. After watching it, I realized that how hard our National Security Agencies or armed forces work to save the life of common citizens. These people sacrifice their own happiness and family life in order to ensure the safety of the common people. Moreover, I am eagerly waiting for the next series of this mini tele-series, which I know will be as good as it was earlier.

Do you think the daily soaps represent real life?

A:   Well, no I do not think so. Some of the soaps are very unreal and boring   but yes the events and happenings are taken from real lives, then they are suitably molded for entertainment. For instance if we talk about Indian serials, it depicts families where the women are the main conspirators, where as in real life I fail to see such situations.

Q2.  Why do people like to watch these shows?

A:   Actually television has become a part and parcel of each and every household, throughout the world. The shows are presented in such a way that all of us are attracted towards them. Moreover, each individual has access to television and it has become an important source of entertainment.

Do men and women watch the same type of T.V. shows or not?

A:  It depends on their personal choice. I do not think that gender does play any role in T.V. viewing habits. But yes, generally it is seen that women prefer to watch daily soaps/ movies whereas men watch sports channels and documentaries. However, again I would like to re-iterate that some people do not confirm to the norms and the choice can be vice-versa.

Q4.  Do you think the television channels have any responsibility to become a good role model?

A:   Definitely yes, because right from pre-school children to old people, all generations love to watch television. So the channels have a social responsibility towards the society. If they portray some negative issues or propagate superstition then the people, do at times believe in them.  So I firmly believe that the T.V. Production houses should only air those programmes which are progressive and not retrogressive.

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