Strategies For The Speaking Section (TOEFL)

Strategies For The Speaking Section (TOEFL)

TOEFL Speaking Section


Independent Tasks


Read the question carefully displayed in your screen.


15 seconds are given to plan your answer.


Use the preparation time wisely. Try to organize your answer in a simple, organized way. Write down a few word or ideas.


When answering the question- Pronounce words carefully. Speak at a normal speed- not too fast and not too slow.


Use appropriate transitions, such as, first, second, next, also, finally.

Independent Speaking Tasks

In the first task a candidate has to state, explain and support an opinion about a familiar topic.

In the second task a student will be given two possible actions and situations. Choose one position and explain the reasons for your choice with appropriate details.

45 seconds are given to record a students’ response. Try to state your position and support it with examples and explanation.


Q1. If you got a chance to meet any famous person dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Task- A famous person

Opinion- Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

Supporting points and details-

  • Came from an ordinary family
  • Father died when he was very young
  • About his success
  • Personal qualities and attitude


I really admire Sachin Tendulkar for various reasons. First, he is an excellent cricketer, and he is treated as the ‘God of Cricket’ throughout the world. Second, he has really worked hard to reach the pinnacle of success despite his middle class background and untimely demise of his father. Finally, unlike other successful personalities he is a very level-headed person and a strong individual. I really would like to meet him and know about his success ‘mantra’.

Some people like to read books. Others prefer watching movies based on the books. Which do you think is better? Include details and examples in your explanation.

Here is one position of the topic

Task- Choose which is better: reading books or watching movies based on books

Opinion- Reading books is better for people

Supporting Points and Details-

  • You know the writer’s perspective
  • Movies lack in details
  • Difficult to condense a novel in 2-3 hours
  • Improves your reading skills
  • Enhances your vocabulary
  • Think deeply


I think that reading books is always better than watching movie based on the book. Firstly, one can understand a writer’s perspective very deeply and also it is difficult to condense all in narrative in 2-3 hours. Another reason is that a person’s reading skills are developed and it also enriches the vocabulary of a person. Lastly, it always gives us a deep knowledge and understanding of the writer’s work.

Harry Potter

Second response to the same topic

Here is the second position of the topic:

Task- Choose which is better: reading books or watching movies based on the books

Opinion- Watching movies is better

Supporting Points and Details-

  • People nowadays do not have time to read books
  • It saves their time
  • It may take months to complete a book
  • People can gain knowledge
  • Entertainment
  • De-stress


I think that in this fast moving world, people do not have time to read books. So if they watch a movie based on a book it would definitely save their time, as a book may take months to read. Secondly, people who do not like reading can also gain insight into classics or popular books and lastly, it is a good medium of entertainment and helps to de-stress.

Harry Potter


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