Tips and Strategies on TOEFL iBT Speaking Section | Masterprep

Fluency in English Language is a gateway to superior international education. Well, there are numerous tests available and taking these tests may help in judging English language proficiency of the test takers.

TOEFL is one such test, and is usually taken by international education aspirants. One of the sections of TOEFL is TOEFL iBT.


TOEFL iBT aims at testing the candidate’s potential to converse in English Language vocally. This TOEFL iBT is scheduled exactly after 10 minutes of break. The Speaking section mainly consist two tasks:

  1. Independent Speaking Tasks
  2. Integrated Speaking Tasks

During these tests, students are expected to speak fluently. TOEFL Exam Preparation needs hard work and strategic planning Tips to do well in TOEFL iBT speaking section

  • Enrich your vocabulary
  • Practice speaking as much as you can
  • Develop fluency by listening to speeches, lectures and songs in English
  • Practice using Idioms in your routine conversation
  • Focus on grammar and its correct usage
  • Work towards improving the pronunciation of words
  • Record and listen your practice speeches and understand where you lack
  • Take loyal feedback from your mentors  and except their suggestions
  • Identify some familiar topics for independent task that requires you to speak on one of the familiar topics

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