How to Improve Spoken English?

When a student starts learning the English language, his first and foremost goal is to improve his spoken English. It can broaden your world, from job opportunities to the ability to relate people from every country. English is recognized as an international language; in fact, it is the language of the planet. When you start

How to score 90 in PTE-A Exam?

Scoring 90 in PTE- A exam seems more like an impossible task to many students. But in reality, it is an achievable score and many students were able to score 90 in their PTE Academic exam. Does it look surreal to you? A little hard work, dedication and consistency can help you score 90 in

Top IELTS TEST Myths Debunked

There is no doubt that there are dozens of myths floating in the air around students. There are gossip mongers who give birth to rumors that ultimately turn into myths for many others.  The candidates who are appearing for IELTS exam also breathe in the same air and tend to start worrying for their exam

Common Mistakes in Writing Task of PTE- Academic

There are many mistakes that a PTE test taker makes in a writing task. Even after knowing the scoring pattern, students still tend to make some common mistakes. In this blog post, we are here to put a spotlight on these mistakes and tips to avoid them. There is no rocket science for it, but

Words and Pronunciation: Silent letters in IELTS Exam

In English language one rarely sounds out all the letters that are seen in a word. There are certain words in the English language, written in a way which seems different from their sound. The ‘silent’ letters are a result of various developments that the English language has gone through. The invasion by French and

What to do if You Are Unfamiliar With the Topic in IELTS Speaking Module?

IELTS students’ biggest nightmare is getting an unfamiliar topic in the speaking module on the test day. It is a lot of pressure for students to talk on a different topic in a second language. Even the native speakers struggle to speak on a topic that they are not familiar with.  In this post, we

What IELTS Toppers Want You to Know?

A huge number of students take the IELTS exam now and then. Most of them have achieved good band score as well. Students aspire to study abroad are always nervous about their IELTS exam even after taking rigorous training from the best IELTS coaching institutes. The aspiring candidates believe that achieving a high band on

Top Tips to Improve Your Score in PTE Reading Module

PTE, short for Pearson Test of English Academic is computer-based academic English Language proficiency test taken by non-native English speakers aspire to study abroad. It consists of four modules, i.e. Reading, writing, listening and speaking. But students find the reading module the trickiest one because people do not have a reading habit. If you also

Top Tips For Independent Writing Module in TOEFL Exam

If you are planning to take the TOEFL exam, then you must be aware that the writing module is a tricky area. To ace the writing module, one must strive to write confidently.  Students, especially pharmacists or dentists need to get a high score in the writing module. The following tips will help you increase your

Top Things NOT To Do While Preparing For IELTS Exam:

While preparing for the IELTS exam, students do several things that IELTS instructors recommend to avoid them at any cost. There are numerous things that student don’t know they are doing wrong unconsciously like, rushing over things, and answering questions by fluke, and more. These practices can prove to be disastrous for your scores. If