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Essay Writing Techniques For IELTS | Masterprep

An essay is a write up on a particular subject. There are two ways through which an argument can be structured in an essay. Structuring an argument in an essay Analyze the question carefully. Underline or circle the key points and consider what you understand by them. Decide on you overall response, and think about

General questions and Cue Cards for IELTS

Part 1 – Wearing Jewelry Q1. What piece of jewelry does you like wearing? A1. I like to wear a ring. I have worn one since my 8th grade and it was given to me by my grandmother. Q2. Do you wear a lot of jewelry? A2. No, I don’t much jewelry. But, yes there

Speaking Topic Asked to the Students for IELTS exam held on 1st Dec in Ludhiana

Q1.  Who is your favourite Pop Star? A:   My favourite Pop Star is Taylor Swift/ Justin Biber. He/she has a melodious voice and I have always listened to his/her songs during my teens. Q2.  Have you ever attended a music concert? A:   Yes, I have attended music concert, though not of any favourite pop star,

Recent Cue Card Questions asked in IELTS Speaking Test | Masterprep

PART 1- DAILY ROUTINE Q. When do you usually get up in the morning? A. I usually get up at 6’o clock in the morning, as I have to get ready for my college/workplace but during the weekends, I get up around 8 or 9’ o clock as I am free on these days. Q.