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Speaking in IELTS is very interesting and we at Masterprep help the students to master this art by providing valuable inputs.

Any outing which did not cost much money Recently, I along with my friends decided to spend some time together as we all had been busy with our studies, for a long time so we could not find time to, just sit back and relax. One of my friends suggested that rather than meeting in

Speaking Topic of IELTS Exam in April, Amritsar

Any story you know What is the story about? Why do you like it? Where did you hear it first? What lesson it teaches to you? Today I am going to narrate a short folk tale which is very popular in my culture. This story teaches us a moral lesson also that “a friend in

Importance of PUNCTUATION in English Writing for IELTS Exam

PUNCTUATION Punctuation marks are an integral part of writing. They signal the end of a sentence(.),show strong feeling(!),indicate a query(?) ,separate items(,) , show possession(‘) , introduce a quote(“ and”), make a break within a sentence(:) ,indicate the beginning of a new sentence(CAPITAL LETTER) and provide many other important instructions to the reader. PUNCTUATION RULES