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Picking the right words in IELTS Writing

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION USES VARIED AND APPROPRIATE VOCABULARY It’s important to pick words that are clear and suit the purpose and audience of the text. Using the same words all the time can be boring, so try to use synonyms to help you get a good band score in IELTS Writing. Avoid overused words Using a

Speaking Topic in IELTS Exam Held in Chandigarh on 10th September

Describe something important that you lost Recently I had to give a presentation in my IELTS institute on Global warming. I had really worked hard for it and I had made a presentation, including various videos and lectures from eminent environmentalists. I had stored the entire data in a pen drive. On that particular day,

Questions from statements in the IELTS Listening Module

In IELTS, Candidates find multiple – choice tasks very daunting, as they are unable to comprehend the meaning and co-relate the questions with the answers. Sometimes the question stems are phrased as statements. For example: Students visiting a festival should arrive at ………….. When should students visiting the festival arrive? The most important purpose of