Baby Steps Through Writing Essay


Read and classify the question. You need to decide what kind of topic you have got an A, H, or S. It will affect the way you plan your essay.


Here you need to come up with ideas, thoughts and opinions in the given topic. The best way to do it is, to think of some main ideas and then to write everything you can think of regarding those ideas.


Next, you group the ideas and decide which paragraph will describe which idea. Think how you move from one paragraph to another. There should be a connective logical sentence that drives you towards the next paragraphs topic.


It is time to write the answer. According to the plan you have made, start writing the essay. First sentence of the introduction gives main idea of the essay, either presenting sides of the argument or describing the situation. The last sentence of the introduction should naturally lead into the first paragraph of the content. Remember to keep the paragraph structure and to connect paragraphs so that one leads to another.


Revise your work! Check the ideas the sequencing of ideas, grammar, punctuation and spellings. Always proof read before the submission as it raises your band score.

At  Masterprep, we guide the students how to develop ideas for essay writing. It is done through brainstorming and class discussion so that the candidates also come out with their passive vocabulary.