Cleverly Contrived Strategies to Enhance CELPIP Listening Scores

Cleverly Contrived Strategies to Enhance CELPIP Listening Scores

The Listening test in CELPIP measures how well a candidate is able to understand English that is used in day-to-day situations.  The duration of the listening test is 47-55 minutes and all questions on the listening test are multiple choice. There are 6 practice tasks in the listening module. Follow these guidelines to help you achieve a good score:

  1. Manage your time

First and foremost watch the timer on your computer screen. Make sure that you have enough time, to complete all the questions.

Listen for key information

  • In Part 1 and Part 3 of listening module try to identify what one of the speakers wants or needs and what the other speaker advises or suggests as a solution. In both these parts try to find what is causing the problem and will the solutions work or not?
  • In Part 2 of the listening module, try to get the basic facts of the story. What happened to whom, for what reason and in what order?
  1. Summarize what you heard:

In Part 4 analyze the information by applying the “five Ws”: Who was involved? What happened?  How? Also try to grasp the final result or consequence of what happened? When? Where? Why did it happen?

  1. Focus on issues:

In Part 5 and Part 6 people often disagree on certain points. Sort out the two or three ways of looking at a single issue or problem. Discover the reasons that support each contrasting point of view. If you are not able to find the right answers, eliminate the wrong answers and then make your best guess. There is no negative marking for guessing.

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