Conjunctions are Very Important in Writing Module of IELTS.

Conjunctions are Very Important in Writing Module of IELTS.

The sentences in writing can be connected in different ways using conjunctions . The last blog was about coordinating conjunctions and in continuation we now discuss the role of subordinating conjunctions.

Subordinating conjunctions connect a dependent clause to an independent clause to form a complete sentence, which is called a complex sentence.

Conjunctions are Very Important in Writing Module of IELTSThere are a number of different dependent clauses, for example, dependent adjective clauses  and dependent adverb clauses. The subordinating conjunctions used in the various clauses express a variety of different relationships with the dependent clauses.

Complex sentences with dependent adjective clauses

Adjective clauses provide information about a noun or pronoun. They are sometimes referred to as relative clauses because they begin with a relative pronoun, such as who, whom, which, that or a relative adverb, such as when where

used with humans
who Students who complete the three-year program successfully will be accepted into the course.
whom John corresponded with a teacher named James, whom he met at the university in Sydney.
used with non-humans and things
which There were two questions on the test which I was able to answer quickly.
that The course material that the student received was helpful.
where It was the place where the classes were held.
when February is the month when the academic year begins.

Complex sentences with dependent adverb clauses

Adverb clauses provide the following kind of information: when, where, why, for what purpose, and so on.

when, whenever used to express time (when?) When students complete the two prerequisites, they will be eligible for the business course. they will be eligible for the business course.
where, wherever used to express place (where?) The students need to go where the training sessions will be held.
because, since, as used to express reason (why?) The students deferred her studies because she arrived after the semester began.
although, though, even though used to express contrast Although the semester already commenced, the university was accepting late enrollments.
while, whereas used to express opposition Second-year diploma students focus on marketing and accounting, while first year study business.
so that, in order that used to express purpose (for what purpose?) The parents requested student visas so that their children could pursue studies in Australia.

The punctuation of a complex sentence with a dependent adverb clause is contingent on the order of the clause in the sentence. A comma separates the clauses only when the dependent clause comes first.

Subordinating Conjunctions
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