Connecting IDEAS in Writing Module of IELTS

Connecting IDEAS in Writing Module of IELTS

An important aspect of formal writing is the appropriate use of sentence structures to convey your ideas clearly and effectively. It is necessary to have a variety of sentence structures, drawing on the use of coordinate and subordinate conjunctions to form both compound and complex sentences.

Coordination and subordination

Ideas can be connected in number of ways:-

Coordination is used to connect ideas that are of equal importance, joining independent clauses, which express ideas of equal content. An independent clause is, in fact, a simple sentence. Choose Masterprep that provide you best IELTS Writing Classes that can help you to score better.

Subordination is used to connect main ideas with supporting ones. Sentences of this type join independent clauses with dependent clauses or phrases.

Conjunctions are used to join ideas together. There are two types of conjunctions—

Coordinating and subordinating.

Coordinating conjunctions join independent clauses (simple sentences) to form compound sentences.

There are seven coordinating conjunctions: and, but, or, so for, yet, nor.Each expresses a different relationship between the clauses.

Subordinating conjunctions connect a dependent clause to an independent clause to form a complex sentence.

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