Difference between Computer Delivered and Pen & Paper IELTS Exam

Difference between Computer Delivered and Pen & Paper IELTS Exam

Computer delivered IELTS Exam has now been introduced, to make it much convenient for the students to take IELTS exam according to their preferred time slot. Now let’s look at some basic features of the test. Of courses the level of difficulty is same for both Pen and Paper and computer-delivered tests. Let’s weigh some pros and cons and then choose which is better for you.

Firstly IELTS paper based tests are held four time in a month but Computer Delivered tests take place once 14 candidates have registered for the exam. So the frequency of the test dates increase and once a month, the tests can be held number of times thus increasing your chance to get admission to study in Canada and study abroad in universities & colleges. Also, some candidates have exam phobia and they feel nervous sitting in a hall with many students. This can be overcome as candidate needs to take the test in small room, with maximum 14 students.

Coming to the modules, Listening Module is the first in both tests. The only difference is that you won’t be having a question and answer sheets in your computer delivered tests. Also there is a slight time difference in both. In paper based IELTS a candidate would get 40 minutes whereas the computer based is for 34-40 minutes. The reason is that you do not have to transfer your answers on to an OMR sheet. In the end you will get 2 minutes to check your answer. The test would automatically stop after the given time and then, the next module will appear on the screen.

Next, is the Reading Module which is for one hour. One definite advantage, in Computer Delivered IELTS Test is that you do not have to transfer your answers onto the OMR sheet so you have extra time to solve the passages. For the Reading Test, the screen is divided into two parts. On the left side the comprehension passage would appear and the right side you will have your questions. You can use scroll bars to the text and the questions. Also if you feel that while reading you need to highlight certain important lines you can do it with ‘right click’ and also can make notes. In the given one hour you can go back and forth the entire passage, review your answers and change some answers if you feel the need.

Further in both Listening and Reading Module the clock at the top of the screen will flash-red when 10-5 minutes are left for the respective Modules.

Moving on the writing again the screen will be divided into two halves and the questions will appear on the left side of the screen. On the right side a candidate will be able to write his answer. Word count will be provided for the candidate but no spell check or grammar will be corrected. When you finish writing, it will be saved automatically. There is no need to press the enter button. Of course, your typing speed must be good for this.

The results are declared within 7 working days and the fee is slightly more than the paper based test.