Effective PTE Time Management Tips for the listening Module

Effective PTE Time Management Tips for the listening Module

Managing time in PTE’s listening module is very important. Although it depends entirely on you to decide the amount of time you spend on each question before clicking NEXT. Unlike the reading and writing modules, you cannot go back in PTE speaking module as it happens in real-time. Audio files in the listening module start automatically and are played once only. Therefore, you need to be very attentive so that not even a single minute is wasted. 

Let us take a look at the tasks first:

•Summarizing the Spoken Text: In this test, you listen to the recording and make a 50-70-word summary in 10 minutes.

•Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer: In this test, you have to listen to an audio recording based on which you select multiple correct answers, from a list of possible options.

•Fill in the Blanks: In this test, you have to listen to an audio clip based on which you will fill the blanks with missing words correctly.

•Highlight Correct Summary: In this test, you have to listen to an audio recording and select the right option which best summarises the record.

•Multiple Choice, Single Answer: in this test, you have to choose one correct answer for a multiple-choice question.

•Select Missing Word: In this test, you have to select the most appropriate response to complete the missing words in an audio recording. The missing words in the text are beeped to represent it.

•Highlight Incorrect Words: In this test, you have to highlight the errors in a transcript after listening to an audio file.

•Write from Dictation: In this test, you have to type a short sentence correctly after listening to its audio.

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Managing time is vital to answer all these tests. For most people, time management means completing tasks at all costs. However, they fail to understand that it is even more essential to perform effectively by working on your strengths. This is how you should go:

1. Prioritise: It is advisable to prioritise your tasks that carry the most weightage. This will let you decide where you need to put most of your time. For example, Fill in the blanks test has higher weightage than Multiple Choice. The latter is also bit tricky, confusing and doesn’t contribute much.

2. Familiarise: It is an obvious tip, but it is the most important one. It would be best if you get familiarise with the format, flow and sequence of the tasks as well. Even if you are brilliant in English, it doesn’t matter if you are unable to translate it to good scores.

3. Optimal utilization: Optimizing is the best way to score well in the listening module. If you have adequately practiced this section, then you must have developed some strategy to score perfectly.

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