General questions and Cue Cards for IELTS

Part 1 – Wearing Jewelry

Q1. What piece of jewelry does you like wearing?

A1. I like to wear a ring. I have worn one since my 8th grade and it was given to me by my grandmother.

Q2. Do you wear a lot of jewelry?

A2. No, I don’t much jewelry. But, yes there are certain occasions when I do like to wear jewelry with my clothes.

Q3. Have you bought a piece of jewelry for someone else?

A3. Yes, recently I bought a pair of earrings for my mother. It was her birthday so I, along with my siblings gifted her piece of jewelry.

Q4. Do you like history?

A4. Yes I do, though I am not really very fond of it. When I was in school, I used to enjoy certain history lectures, which gave me knowledge.

Q5. Have you ever watched a historical show/documentary on television?

A5. Sometimes yes, I do watch historical shows. I remember there was a very popular television show ‘Asoka’ which was based on the life of the great king Asoka. I liked watching it on regular basis.

Q6. Why should people know about their history?

A6. It is only through history that we will be aware of our culture and traditions.


Today, I am going to talk about my grandparents because I think they are one of the happiest couples I have ever seen in my life. They have been married for last 40-50 years now. Both of them complement each other and they really look good as a couple. My grandfather is tall and handsome, whereas my grandmother is a beautiful attractive lady. They are both very poised and I have hardly seem them fighting or shouting at each other. Both of them are retired from their respective jobs. My grandfather was an engineer and grandmother a principal. They have faced their share of ups and downs in life but been together throughout and kept calm. They understand each other completely even though they have different personality traits, still they get along very well. They are like two best friends sharing and caring for each other. My grandfather is an extrovert whereas my grandmother is a quiet lady, who often loves to read and cook. He is always surrounded by people, be it his friends, neighbors and family members. Moreover, I have not seen them complaining about each other but what I have observes is that they, try to cover up each other’s mistakes and together they have raised a happy and a well educated family.

Follow-up questions:

Q1. In your country how important is a wedding?

A1. A wedding is an important aspect of life as it unifies two people who would from then on care and share for each other. Hence, wedding forms a very important part of our country’s culture.

Q2. Do you think it is right to spend a lot of money on weddings?

A2. Well, I don’t believe in spending large amount of money on lavish weddings. This money that is wasted for pleasing people should rather be used for helping the needy.

Q3. How has the concept of marriage changed over the years?

A3. In my opinion, marriage is a confluence of two souls however, in today’s time it has become more of a business partnership. People sign up prenuptial bonds with ironically a guarantee period and living relationships are very common.


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