How do I improve reading skills for IELTS?

How do I improve reading skills for IELTS?

IELTS Reading Module is not as difficult as it is perceived by many people. There are certain basic strategies which can be followed to facilitate ones’ reading skills. In IELTS Academic a student will be reading three passages of 700-900 words in length. The passages have been taken from journals, magazines or research papers in various fields ranging from psychology to environment, certain discoveries or inventions or education and technology to name a few. To practice the reading module, firstly as a student, one has to inculcate the habit of reading. Start reading newspapers, magazines, books which interest you. While reading, do not read the text passively. Immerse yourself in the text, be inquisitive as to what will happen next? And try to focus on the main idea in the passage. Ask yourself a question, why was the text written? Try to generate a feeling of being involved in the text. Analyze and while doing so focus on how the text progresses.

Few steps which can be helpful in a better understanding of the reading passage are:-

Firstly try to make a passage map. It requires the scanning and skimming of the passage. Try to finish the entire Topic which has 7-8 paragraphs within 4-5 minutes. While reading, keep writing the main thought or idea in each paragraph and when you are done, go through the passage map and the purpose of the passage, as to why the writer has written the passage will be clear to you.

The passage map should not have long sentences, just one or two words about the main idea of the passage. Once you are done mark important names/dates/figures so that if any question is based on these, your eyes will automatically locate the figures. Next, go to the questions and find out the answers. Approximately you will have one minute for one answer. If you are not able to find any answer, move on to the next. You cannot afford to waste time as you just have 40 minutes to solve 40 questions, 15 minutes will be required to skim and scam the passage and at least 5 minutes to transfer your answers to you OMR sheets. Reading Module requires a lot of practice and patience. If you are not able to do all the three passages in one hour try doing two passages and then slowly and steadily increase your reading speed. Vocabulary, as such is quite simple in the text.

However if you locate a difficult word, do not let it affect your understanding of the passage. Try to find out, that what is the main idea of the passage, what message is the writer trying to convey to the reader? IELTS is a test, which opens your doors to study abroad option, so a candidate has to score good in all the four modules. Many institutes offer training Programs for IELTS. However, I would recommend Masterprep, one of the leading institutes of North India, which gives you a detailed step-by-step guidance to get  a high band score in IELTS Reading.