How Tough is TOEFL Exam?

How Tough is TOEFL Exam?

Trust me! TOEFL is no child’s play. Read on for better TOEFL Test Preparation

Let’s make this clear, a TOEFL test is not tough for everybody, however, not having enough practice on how to use the ‘English’ language can make things a bit scary. On the other hand, a TOEFL exam preparation is a bit trouble-free if one has a good command over English skills, including listening, reading, writing and speaking. Read on to know the best way to carry your TOEFL test preparation.

Steps to consider for easy TOEFL Test Preparation

Firstly, one must understand that TOEFL is not ‘Theory’. Yes, in school the English language you learn is half theory and the grammar you practice are only the rules that explain English. On the other hand, when it comes to preparation of TOEFL exam, remember that there is no section in the test with Grammar. It is enough if you have a crisp grammar, which will no doubt help you to score well in the speaking and writing exam positively. However, one is not asked to apply the grammatical rules in the writing test, they only ask you to express your thoughts in the most effective way.

Secondly, one need to understand that a student learns the general academic vocabulary, which may appear in passages, however, is rare to use in the speech. Even though it might not be the similar vocab, one learns in the school or use while conversing with the friends, exposing yourself to the advanced vocab learning will lead you to no benefit.

Last, but not the least, a TOEFL exam preparation is a success when all is done on time. ‘Clock’ is the biggest nightmare for the students appearing for the test. Hence, focus less on grammar to communicate effectively, thinking too much will lead you to not finding the perfect things to speak and on the other hand, speaking too fast may fail the listener o understand, and your scores might drop. Solution- Keep a perfect check on the clock.

Self preparation is the best, however, there are other mediums available, for example, TOEFL hard/e-books, online tutorials, and the most common, the TOEFL exam preparation institute. The institutes are responsible to provide the best guidance a student needs to crack the test. One such TOEFL institute is MASTERPREP, which through its numerous coaching hubs delivers a high-end TOEFL test preparation with expertise in the field in support with the highly qualified faculty. So, why wait? Join us today.

Happy Studying!