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We all are aware that IELTS listening training is essential but rare in all the institutes; however, there are some of the very famous IELTS listening classes in Chandigarh that we need to learn about. But first, let us know the general knowledge about IELTS.

IELTS, the short form for International English Language Testing System, is one of the most efficient, reliable and trusted test for English Proficiency. It is the best because the IELTS Scores are acknowledged by 8000+ international education institutes and employers for the countries, for example, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, USA, Britain, and Canada, etc.

IELTS Listening Classes


The IELTS Coaching Institutes vary on the basis of Academic and General Preparations. This is because the Academic IELTS preparation mainly focuses upon the admissions into the educational institutes, and on the other hand, the General IELTS preparations are based upon getting Visa or Immigration for a particular country.
With its four modules: reading, writing, speech, and listening, the most needed is the IELTS Listening training, in the matter of fact that, listening is the most scoring part, however, one must be aware of the structure before he/she starts preparing for the same.

The Listening Test Structure

A student has 30 minutes to answer the well framed 40 Questions, which include the short answer questions, multiple choice questions, sentence completion, and table/chart completion respectively. The questions are designed in the format of four sections, and each of these sections is heard only once and thus, the students must work upon their concentration skills.

The Scoring:

Each answer holds 1 mark and the 40 marks score is converted to a total of 9 IELTS Bands

So, what is IELTS Listening Training all about?

  • A way to understand and listen
  • Improve the concentration
  • Ensures to make the communication skills better
  • Better communication leads to inner confidence

Self IELTS Listening Classes

To prepare for giving your best at the IELTS test, a student, along with the external training must look for self-made solution to improve the listening power. Given are some general self IELTS listening training tips one can gift him/herself:

IELTS Listing

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