IELTS Reading Strategies - Masterprep

In IELTS Reading module there are three passages for comprehension and there are 40 questions to be answered. These strategies would enable a student to solve the reading section with ease.



For Example

The parents need to spend quality time with their children. In today’s scenarios, both the parents are working and they hardly have any time for their kids. So, especially during the weekends both mother and father should make it a point to give quality time to their children.

Majority of people tend to read one word at a time like this:

The – parents – need – to – spend

However reading word-by-word cuts down on your speed.

Clustering trains you to look at groups of words, instead of one at a time and hence it improves our reading speed. Train your eyes to see all the words in clusters of up to 3-4 words at a glance.


It needs practice. Practice for 15-20 minutes each day and within 10 days you will have picked up enough speed.

Make Notes:

Make notes while reading. A student writing quick notes will keep his brain naturally engaged and be able to remember most of the details. To same time try to keep the notes as small as possible.

Identify Key Words: These are also known as ‘signaling words’. Words like ‘First, Second, Third, Further more, on the other hand, in addition, nevertheless, however, whether/ if, in contrast etc. Pay attention to these words as they would help you to find the answers.

  1. Contrast words:
    However, though, although, on the other hand but, yet, otherwise
  2. Intensifying words
    Indeed, Moreover, in fact
  3. Illustrative words
    For example, for one, to illustrate
  4. Cause words
    Because, since, for that reason
  5. Effect Words
    Therefore, thus, hence, consequently, as a result

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