IELTS Speaking Held in Chandigarh on 20th April 2018



Q1.  Have you ever been on a boat?

A1.  Yes, I have. I remember that I had gone to Varanasi with my family and there in the evenings I used to ride about in the holy river Ganges.

Q2.  Are you afraid of water?

A2.  No, I am not. I really like to sit on the bank of a river or a sea-shore and admire the water bodies. Also swimming has been my hobby so I am not afraid of water.

Q3.  Do you think that voyage on a ship or cruise is safe?

A3.  Well, it is not very safe as compared to railroad or air transport but then dangers are there in each type of transport system.

Part-2 (in Box)

Talk about a book that you have read recently

When did you read the book

Who is the author of the book

Where did you read it

Why did you like it


I am an avid reader of books and when I am travelling I usually carry a book with me to read. Last week I had to go to Chennai for some work and I bought a book from the airports waiting lounge. The title of the book was,’The Lamentations of a Sombre Sky” written by a budding new author Manan Kapoor. At first, the title of the book intrigued me but when I started reading the novel, I, found the story as captivating as its title. The book is set in Kashmir, during 1990s, when militancy started to spread its ugly tentacles  in that  region. It is a story of three young teenagers, just about to finish their high school growing up in the war zone in Kashmir. Inayat, Gul and Aquib see their world crumble before their eyes because of upsurge in militancy. These Innocent children, staying in the same vicinity, see the horrors of insurgency unfold in front of their eyes, neighbours fleeing their homeland, friends, relatives being murdered curfews and gun shots robbing them of their playful childhood. The writer has beautifully woven the plot around these protagonists, not being political or apolitical. Further the beauty of the narrative lies in the small minute details of the place-Kashmir, the beautiful landscapes during different seasons, saffron fields of Pulwama and snow laden peaks of Pir panchal. I really enjoyed reading this book as it has an universal appeal, about love and loss, angst and pain with hope for better future in the end.


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