IELTS Speaking Module - Part-I

I. In this part a student needs to answer a few easy questions related to him and everyday situations. This part is much easier as compared to the other two parts, because speaking about familiar topics is much easier than abstract topics.

II. Normally the examiner will ask a few questions on three topics and will introduce each new topic clearly. So, once, you have answered 2-3 questions on one topic, be ready to answer next set of questions.

III. Any young adult who has passed his secondary school examination can take the IELTS exam. So, the topics in Part I will be related to ‘You’.


  • Try to expand the answers in Part I. Do not give answers in one sentence. Give reasons for your answers. You cannot get a high band score if your responses are very short.
  • Add relevant connectors and adjectives to describe things, or a person’s quality.
  • Try to speak fluently, pay attention to your grammar (especially tenses) in this part. You may have to talk about the past, present or future and you may have to give simple opinions.

Part I Questions-Answers

How big is your family?

First option
Ans 1. I have a small family. This is a very short response. Try to expand it.

Second Option
Ans 2. I live in a nuclear family. There are four members in my family, my parents, my elder sister/brother, including me.

2. How much time do you manage to spend with your family members?

Ans. I usually spend my evenings and weekends together. Actually, both my parents are working and I and my brother/sister are students, so we only get time in the evening.

3. How often you go for vacations with your family members?

Ans. Well, I usually go twice a year, during my summer and winter break but sometimes I can only go once during the year because all of us are busy.

About Shoes

1. How often do you buy shoes?
Not very often, maybe, after 2-3 months as according to the need. But yes, if there is some celebration, I usually buy a pair to match the attire.

2. What kind of shoes do you usually wear?
In my daily routine, I prefer to wear shoes which are comfortable like sneakers or loafers but for any formal occasion I love to wear fancy shoes.

3. Some people spend a lot of money on buying shoes, would you do the same thing?
I don’t think so. I would not like to splurge my money for an expensive pair of shoes.

About Music

1. Do you like music?
Yes, of course, I love listening to music. I remember that when I was very young I developed a taste for music and since then it has become my favorite pastime.

2. What kind of music do you like?
It totally depends on my mood. I prefer listening soft music but when I am with my friends or driving I tend to hear music which has fast beats.

3. When do you listen to music?
Usually, when I am free. Again while driving I listen to music or sometimes before going to sleep I love to hear good music.


Important Tips:

1. Try to give full answers. The examiner wants to listen to you speaking. So answer in two- three sentences. The examiner cannot judge you unless you expand your answers.

2. Listen to the question very carefully. Pay attention to your tenses. Some of the questions may be in present tense and some in the past tense.

For example:-

a) Do you have any hobbies?
Do indicate that the answer must be given in the present tense.

b) How did you become interested in that?
Answer is to be given in past tense because of the word “Did”

3. Do not learn the answers. Be as natural and composed as you can.
4. Finally answer the questions directly. Do not give very long answers which are unrelated to the question.


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