IELTS Speaking Module Test - Masterprep

IELTS Speaking Module Test - Masterprep

Speaking Module Tests A Student’s Ability to Talk Fluently in English. In IELTS Exam the Following Types of Questions are frequently asked.

Q1. Does it rain often, where you live?

A1.  I belong to India, which is a hot and humid country. Yes, it rains heavily during the rainy season but otherwise, there are long dry spells without rains, especially during summer season.

Q2. Is it true, that rain effects a person’s mood?

A2. Yes, it has been scientifically proven that rain does elevate a persons mood. Even I, feel very happy when it rains.

Q3. why do you think that rain is so significant to any region?

A3. Well, any area requires adequate rainfall, so that the land is fertile. Moreover it also has a direct affect on the ground water level of the region.


Talk about any interesting person from a foreign country

Who this person is?

When did you meet him/her?

Why do you find this person to be so interesting?

Today I am going to talk about a very unique personality, whose name is Mr. Frank Keats. He is a native of the United Kingdom and is in his early twenties. Actually, he was studying with my brother at Kings Collage London. During their vacations, both of them came to India and stayed at our home in Chandigarh. Before meeting him I, was a bit apprehensive, about his likes and dislikes but when I met him for the first time I found him to be very warm and friendly by nature. After staying with him for one to two days I found, that he had a vast knowledge about Indian civilization and also he had learnt a few words of Hindi. One thing which really impressed me was that he did all his work by himself, be it cleaning his plate or washing his clothes. Moreover, he was very punctual and was keen to know about our traditions and rituals. Frank had great interest in history and he knew about the historical sites near Chandigarh. We took him to Kuruksetra, where the battle of Mahabharata was fought. I was amazed to see his knowledge about, our history and culture, and to tell you honestly, I learnt a lot of anecdotes related to Mahabharata from him. He left, after staying with us for a week and still we are in touch with each other. Choose Masterprep, that provide you best IELTS Speaking Classes to score better.

Follow up Questions

Q1. In future, would you like to work in an International company or a national company?

A1.  Well I do not find any difference in both of them . The company, which provides good working atmosphere, chances for growth, and handsome salary, I would opt for it. No doubt, International companies like Google, Microsoft to name a few are a dream for every individual but now, Indian companies also like TCS and Infosys are also ranked as world’s best companies.

Q2 Do you prefer International or National brand products?

A2. Well, that depends on the products, like I choose my jeans and shoes, gadgets of international brands but for my cottons and handloom products I definitely would go with Indian products.