IELTS vs PTE – Which one should you choose?

Well, it doesn’t make any sense taking both the tests! For one, IELTS and PTE Academic tests cost a lot of fee. Paying double the fee and not clearing any of the tests is the biggest mistake students aspiring for higher education in abroad make initially. That’s why it is important for you to understand which one you should choose and focus on. Let the expert MasterPrep team guide you for this.

The first basis is which country you are choosing to go for higher studies. In case you have chosen Europe as your preferred destination for your higher studies, it is better to go with IELTS Preparation as IELTS scores are more acceptable in European Universities. But if Australia is your preferred destination, choosing PTE Academic makes more sense. PTE Academic scores are accepted by all Australian Universities and by the Australia Visa Authorities as well for Study Visa and Work Visa granting purpose.

IELTS Preparation

Talking from the preparation aspect, many students who are not as fluent while speaking find PTE Academic easier than IELTS. Even though both the tests have same sections, the major difference lies in the Speaking section. While in IELTS test, a student has to converse with the human rater during Speaking section assessment; PTE Academic is more relaxing as it allows the student freedom to speak into a microphone for assessment. Most of the students regard speaking into a machine as more comfortable and less jittery as compared to conversing with a person.

This one factor has been responsible for making PTE Academic a popular English proficiency test. So now you have a valid basis to make your choice.

If you are confident and fluent in English speaking, you should better opt for IELTS as it enjoys higher acceptability than PTE Academic. In case you feel jittery while speaking English, you would be able to score better in PTE Acdemics.

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