Important Steps to Ace the listening Section in IELTS Exam

Important Steps to Ace the listening Section in IELTS Exam

If you are also preparing for an IELTS exam, then you must have too faced problems in the listening module. Most of the students want to know which accent to expect in the listening section on the test day. The best solution is to get familiar with the IELTS test format to know what all to expect in the exam.

The listening module is an integral part of the IELTS exam. Therefore your performance in this module will affect your overall score. There is some vital information that you should be aware:

a. The listening module is of 30 minutes.

b. You will hear each section of the test. They all are pre-recorded.

c. There will be two monologues- one on everyday social situation and the second one on an academic topic.

d. There will be three main types of accents: Australian, Canadian and British.

e. You will hear different voices in the test. 

Know the following steps to beat the accent game:

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Step 1: Get familiar with the IELTS exam pattern:

This is something you must have heard a lot because it a crucial step. Before taking the test, get familiarized with the IELTS exam pattern. Get to know the modules so that you know how to practice for your test. Also, you will have a good sense of the overall format, the time required to do each module, etc.

Step 2: Practice listening to different kind of Accents:

The accents you will hear in the listening module of the IELTS test are urban, such as London or Toronto. You will not hear any rustic or rural accent. It is advisable to practice with all different kinds of English accents. Try to listen to all sorts of accents. Check videos online with different accents. Also, it is advisable to watch Australian, British and USA programs. Besides television programs or movies, try to watch news in these three different accents.

Step 3:  Practice Speaking and listening to English a lot:

Practicing speaking and listening to English is a golden rule that you need to follow to score very well in your IELTS exam. Improving your speaking and listening skills require a lot of hard work and dedication. If you follow this golden rule dedicatedly, you will be able to beat the accent game without any effort. Clearing IELTS with flying bands will be a piece of cake for you.

Remember: It takes time to get accustomed to different kind of accents. Canadian and Australian accents are quite easy to understand, but you need to work hard for the British accent.

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