Latest IELTS Speaking Topic in Chandigarh Held on 05th Oct 2017

Q1. What is your favorite leisure activity?

Ans. My favorite leisure activity is to swim. I remember that from my young age I used to swim and now also whenever I am free I go for swimming.

Q2. Do you think leisure time is important?

Ans. Yes, I definitely think that a person ought to have some free time so that he could relax and de-stress himself.

Q3. Do you prefer to spend your free time with other people or alone?

Ans. Well, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I just prefer to be alone and read books or watch television but at times I like to be with my friends.


Q. Do you prefer to look in the mirror?

Ans. No, not very often. But yes, when I get ready in the morning to go out to my college, I do stand in front of the mirror and have a look at my appearance.

Q. Do you often buy mirror?

Ans. No. I don’t do that very often. Actually I don’t remember buying a mirror my entire life as there are mirrors in my home in my washroom and bedroom too.

Q. Where do you think mirrors are necessary decoration?

Ans. According to me, salons are the places where mirrors add to the beautification of that place. Apart from it, shopping malls and hotel lobbies are also sometimes decorated with mirrors.


Describe a skill you want to learn.







Ans. I would like to learn driving after I have taken my IELTS exam. I really am very fond of driving and learning it has been my greatest passion. However, I was unable to do it earlier because of my studies and age. But now I have reached the right age when I can drive a vehicle. I am really very excited for it and I will join a driving school for acquiring this skill. There is a driving school near my home and the trainers out there teach how to drive and master all the skills which are necessary for it. Also the main control is in their hands, so I won’t be afraid in the beginning. After some time when I’ll gain confidence, I will be able to drive a vehicle independently. Well, driving is very necessary nowadays as I won’t be dependent on others for going out. Further, it is also an important skill if one wants to work because daily commuting can become very easy if one knows how to drive.

Further, my parents have promised to buy me a car when I get a driving license, so for this I will really make all the required efforts to be perfect in this skill.


Q. What skills can you learn in school?

Ans. According to me, school is a place, where a person can acquire many skills directly or indirectly. First and foremost, we learn to adjust with our fellow students and teachers and this helps us to work in a team later on. Moreover, our communication skills are polished as we learn how to speak and behave in an institution.

Q. What skills do you think the college/university provides you for your life?

Ans. Well, in college or university we learn specific skills through which we can earn our livelihood in our upcoming life. For example, if a person has chosen to become a doctor or engineer, the skills required for these professions are provided in such places.

Q. What do you think of traditional skills?

Ans. Traditional skills are those skills which are passed from one generation to other. There are certain skills which we learn from our parents/grandparents by just observing them whereas others are taught to us by them. Some of the skills may not be of much importance in the present scenario but others can be beneficial for us. I can give you my own example, I had learnt knitting/stitching/cooking from my mother and I enjoy doing this whenever I am free.

Q. What according to you is the most popular skill that people want to learn nowadays?

Ans. According to me, in my country people nowadays want to learn communication and computer skills. This is what I have observed, that majority of the people want to become tech-savvy so that their chances of employment go up, as well as public speaking and to speak without hesitation, especially in English people do want that.

Q. What kind of school would you send your children to? Why?

Ans. I would definitely send my kids to a school which offers a holistic development to the children. It should not be about cramming a subject but also understanding of a subject and other behavioral skills which are important in one’s life.

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