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An English lesson that you have enjoyed.

  • When did you attend this lecture
  • Why it was so interesting
  • Why did you like it.
  • How it was different from the other lessons.

When I was studying in school, our English teacher used to conduct various activities in our class, so as to improve our English skills. I still remember, vividly that one day she read a short poem by Robert  Frost, “the Road not taken” and then she wanted the students to answer certain questions, based on the poem. The question was related to the last verse of the poem which stated. “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”


The students were then asked to respond to the question that if they had a choice which path would they choose? I was surprised to notice that majority of the students answered in a very interesting manner and they had multitude of ideas in relation to these lines. I still can recall, that I answered by saying that I would like to go back in time, because of my passion for literature and meet the great legendary writers like William Shakespeare Jane Austen and poets Keats  and Wordsworth and talk to them about the source of their inspiration for writing such beautiful dramas, novel and poetry .In the end , I would like to say that such creative ways of teaching should be encouraged in the learning process as it really helps the children to think creatively without cramming the subject. Also such type of activities help in developing communication skills and make learning more interesting

Follow-up questions:

Q1. Do you think that English has become an international language nowadays?

Ans. Well I cannot say ‘yes’ but it is among the most powerful languages spoken all over the world. This has happened due to various reasons .Firstly, every program in computers or every other application is, in this language and English is widely spoken and understood throughout the world.

Q 2. Why is there a need for an international/universal language?

Ans. In my opinion, the world has become a small global village so there is a requirement of a language which can be understood by all the individuals throughout the world for instance, in all the countries one can see number of migrants  who have come to another country as tourists, students or for business and jobs. so I feel that the world would be a better place if we have one common language.

Q3. Why do you think languages are becoming extinct nowadays?

Ans. This is because if the language has only oral tradition and does not have any written texts, it becomes very difficult to preserve that language, furthermore,  the influence of most popular language also has its impact on people, leaving their own native language and opt for learning a language which has better prospects  and usage

Q4. What can be done so as to teach the children their native language?

Ans. It is first and foremost the duty of a parent to converse in their native tongue with their children and also by telling them the importance of their mother tongue and encouraging them to read and write in that language. I can give you my own example, I belong to a Punjabi family and my parents always used to communicate with me in my native tongue. So now I am proficient in that language


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