Latest topics of speaking, for IELTS exam , held in Amritsar on 15th June and 18th

A Magazine you have read


I am going to talk about a popular magazine, which I have been reading since my childhood. The name of the magazine is, India Today. Actually, my father used to read this magazine and I also developed a habit of reading this magazine.Earlier,I used to just flip through the magazine, as the glossy pictures attracted me a lot but slowly and steadily I started reading the entertainment/sports section as I was keen to gather information about them. Once, I remember that when I was in my school a debate competition was organized in our school and I prepared the topic from the magazine. This led to reading of many articles.

Now, I am a regular reader of this magazine so I read all the topics featured in the magazine. It has diverse range of topics, which include politics, economy and other topics which matter to our society. Also, it features many guest authors, who express their viewpoints on many issues and problems. India Today comes out once a month, and it is not very expensive also. I have realized that my knowledge has increased considerably and also I have added many new words to my vocabulary due to my reading of this magazine.

                                      Describe a historical period or event that interests you

History was my favourite subject in my school. I really was crazy to read historical events , not only about my country but also about other countries like about Industrial revolution, French revolution and World War 1 and 2 ,but today I would like to talk about Indian freedom struggle from the British regime. India was under the British rule for about one century and the Indian Freedom struggle has become a source of inspiration for all the Indians, as, it evokes in us a feeling of patriotism. The freedom struggle started with a revolt in 1857 and after that this movement spread through the entire country and many freedom fighters laid down their lives for their country.


It was a period of great struggle, where the Britishers, did many atrocities against the Indians and many innocent people were killed. Further under the leadership of many leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chander Bose and Shaheed Bhagat Singh India gained its freedom 0n 15th August 1947.I have read a lot about this period ,as it was a part of my school curriculum and also my grandparents narrated these events to me, as they had witnessed all this.