The speaking test measures functional speaking proficiency in English. There are eight tasks in the speaking section. In each section, a candidate will be able to read a small prompt on the screen, and then record his response using the headset microphone.

There are two timers for each speaking prompt. The first one shows the preparation time, and the second one helps to manage speaking time. During the preparation time, make sure you understand the prompt. A candidate can even use note paper to help organize his thoughts. When the speaking time starts, watch the timer as you talk and use your speaking time to develop your response.
Further, try to speak at a natural pace. Speaking too slowly or too quickly can affect your rhythm and intonation, making your speech sound unnatural. If you have a “flat” delivery style, listen to native speakers and focus on letting your voice move up and down in a natural way to add expression to what you are saying.

Try to use strong descriptive words to explain your ideas. Use specific action verbs, adverbs that clarify actions, precise, descriptive adjectives and prepositions of place. When you are not able to find another idea, try connecting ideas and facts by using phrases such as, “one reason I like this …………” On the other hand, it’s not a good idea to ………………” or the first thing that comes to mind……….”
Lastly, your response should be a combination of sentence lengths and types. Avoid repeating the sentences, and use the speaking timer to make sure that you say enough and that you finish your last sentence before the time is up.

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