Which section of IELTS is the toughest for the students?

English language proficiency tests are a nightmare for students who aren’t good in English but desire to go abroad for higher studies. Even after multiple attempts, they end up scoring 5 or 5.5 band which doesn’t help them all as they never get a good university with such score. Let us first tell you about

IELTS vs PTE – Which one should you choose?

Well, it doesn’t make any sense taking both the tests! For one, IELTS and PTE Academic tests cost a lot of fee. Paying double the fee and not clearing any of the tests is the biggest mistake students aspiring for higher education in abroad make initially. That’s why it is important for you to understand

Super 7 tips to ensure 7+ bands in IELTS

Harbouring global education dreams? Do not forget that IELTS or PTE has become the basis of your application acceptance or rejection. That’s why it is important that you take your IELTS or PTE seriously. For those who have chosen to take IELTS, a score below 7 bands would not secure you a place in your
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