Practice of Listening Module in IELTS

Use the following tips to help you score good band in IELTS Listening Predicting in tables (Listening) (Form Filling) Prepare for form filling by familiarizing yourself with the sounds in the English alphabet. The only way to improve is to train your “ears” to separate and understand the words you hear  in the flow of

IELTS Speaking Discussion Questions – Part 3

In Speaking Part 3, a candidate is expected to discuss some questions related to a topic. Often these questions are formed in predictable ways: To what extent In what ways What are the main differences between Which do you prefer What… How… For instance, if you get a topic related to shopping the possible questions

The importance of the past in Speaking Module in IELTS

In the IELTS Speaking Test, you can be asked to describe events from your personal history. It is up to the candidate, based on the topic to choose a happy or a sad event. The topics can be as follows: i. Exciting big foreign adventure. ii. Outstanding impressive achievement. iii. Annoying habit of some people.

Conjunctions are Very Important in Writing Module of IELTS.

The sentences in writing can be connected in different ways using conjunctions . The last blog was about coordinating conjunctions and in continuation we now discuss the role of subordinating conjunctions. Subordinating conjunctions connect a dependent clause to an independent clause to form a complete sentence, which is called a complex sentence There are a

Latest topics of speaking, for IELTS exam , held in Amritsar on 15th June and 18th

A Magazine you have read   I am going to talk about a popular magazine, which I have been reading since my childhood. The name of the magazine is, India Today. Actually, my father used to read this magazine and I also developed a habit of reading this magazine.Earlier,I used to just flip through the

Use Of Coordinating Conjunction In IELTS Writing

In the last blog we gave you information about the conjunctions and now in continuation with the same the conjunctions have been explain with examples. Hope that this information will make your understanding of coordinating conjunctions very clear. and and used to add another or similar idea Turmeric is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine,

Connecting IDEAS in Writing Module of IELTS

An important aspect of formal writing is the appropriate use of sentence structures to convey your ideas clearly and effectively. It is necessary to have a variety of sentence structures, drawing on the use of coordinate and subordinate conjunctions to form both compound and complex sentences.   Coordination and subordination Ideas can be connected in

IELTS Speaking Module Test – Masterprep

Speaking Module Tests A Student’s Ability to Talk Fluently in English. In IELTS Exam the Following Types of Questions are frequently asked. Q1. Does it rain often, where you live? A1.  I belong to India, which is a hot and humid country. Yes, it rains heavily during the rainy season but otherwise, there are long

Speaking Answer For IELTS Exam

The Topic – Sports on Television you would like to try Whenever I watch sports on television I am really fascinated with winter sports. As I live in India so we do not have much of winter sports because of the climate. When I see people skiing or doing ice-skating, even I feel that once

Achieve A Higher Band Score in IELTS Exam

Masterprep does not follow the rote method of learning. To help the students achieve a higher band scores in IELTS, we try to teach the basics of English grammar so that there is a minimum chance of making mistakes. TRANSITION SIGNALS When describing processes in IELTS Writing Task 1, it is important to identify clearly