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An English lesson that you have enjoyed. When did you attend this lecture Why it was so interesting Why did you like it. How it was different from the other lessons. When I was studying in school, our English teacher used to conduct various activities in our class, so as to improve our English skills.


In this part the examiner wants to hear answers on abstract topics that are related to the part 2 talk. What is the difference between part I and part III questions? Part I question can be: Tell me something about your friends? Where as Part III question is: Can people of opposite personality be good

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Time: – Approximately 3-4 minutes After the examiner has asked 8-10 questions on three different topics, he would shift to Part 2 of the speaking test. 1 minute will be given to you to prepare the answer. Utilise the given time in making notes. For example: Talk about a house or an apartment you would

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I. In this part a student needs to answer a few easy questions related to him and everyday situations. This part is much easier as compared to the other two parts, because speaking about familiar topics is much easier than abstract topics. II. Normally the examiner will ask a few questions on three topics and

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Time duration-(11-14 minutes) The speaking module, tests the ability of a student to speak fluently in English. The test is of 9 Band and the scores are given on four important criterion:- Fluency and Coherence Lexical resource Grammar Pronunciation Fluency and Coherence: A student tends to get a higher band score if he is able

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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System that measures the language proficiency of a candidate who either wishes to move abroad on permanent residency (PR) or plan to study abroad where English is used as a language of communication. The English language skills are judged through this test in four modules: Speaking, Listening, Writing

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North India’s leading institute for IELTS is the one where trainer’s eater to the student’s academic needs by providing effective study material and by assessing the weaknesses and strengths of the students. The trainers here are well qualified in importing students with latest mock test and efficient time management skills. What makes Masterprep different it

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Fluency in English Language is a gateway to superior international education. Well, there are numerous tests available and taking these tests may help in judging English language proficiency of the test takers. TOEFL is one such test, and is usually taken by international education aspirants. One of the sections of TOEFL is TOEFL iBT. TOEFL

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