Picking the right words in IELTS Writing


It’s important to pick words that are clear and suit the purpose and audience of the text. Using the same words all the time can be boring, so try to use synonyms to help you get a good band score in IELTS Writing.

Avoid overused words

Using a wide range of vocabulary makes a piece of writing more entertaining and original. Here are some overused words to avoid, suchas got and great, and some alternatives, known as synonyms.

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Less is more

Its’s important not to use several words when one will do. Overly long phrases might seem impressive, but they are often unclear. Most long phrases can be replaced with shorter versions.

Word play

Writers also choose words to entertain readers. By using particular combinations of words, they can create humor and sound patterns. There are three main types of word play: puns, alliteration and assonance.


A pun is a play on words. It exploits the multiple meanings of a word, or similar sounding words, to create humor.

Once a pun a time


Alliteration is the effect created when words next to or close to each other begin with the same letter or sound. It is often used in newspaper headlines.

Thomas Turner tripped over the table.


Assonance is the effect created by the repetition of vowel sounds. It is often used in poetry…

Is it true you like blue?

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