Questions from statements in the IELTS Listening Module

In IELTS, Candidates find multiple – choice tasks very daunting, as they are unable to comprehend the meaning and co-relate the questions with the answers. Sometimes the question stems are phrased as statements.

For example:

Students visiting a festival should arrive at …………..

When should students visiting the festival arrive?

The most important purpose of festival visits is to

What is the most important purpose of the festival visits?

The most successful technique, in order to solve these types of questions is to predict the words or phrases you might hear in matching tasks by thinking of synonyms or paraphrases for options given.

For example:

Famous – celebrated

Astrology – Studying the stars

New things – innovations

Disasters – Catastrophes

Another example:

A show: a performance, an act, an entertainment.

An event of local interest : regional, an area, interest, a district

An open discussion : a conversation, a debate, a round table

A participation activity: all invited, to join, everyone, take part.

In such questions you may hear most or all of the options on the recording. Don’t just select the first words you hear. Speakers may change their minds, so you cannot answer the question with certainly until the discussion is finished. This is the reason you have to “answer as you listen” and write all the options and then choose the answer based on the question.

So knowing your vocabulary would really help you to get good scores in your listening module. At Masterprep regular vocabulary classes help the students to hone their listening skills.