Recent Cue Card Questions asked in IELTS Speaking Test

Recent Cue Card Questions asked in IELTS Speaking Test


Q. When do you usually get up in the morning?

A. I usually get up at 6’o clock in the morning, as I have to get ready for my college/workplace but during the weekends, I get up around 8 or 9’ o clock as I am free on these days.

Q. Do you have the same routine every day?

A. Yes, almost all my days are same, as I have to attend my collage which follows the same time-table, but sometimes, when I am with my friends, my schedule also undergoes certain change.

Q. Do you think it is important to follow a daily routine?

A. A daily routine helps to keep your body fit and fine. It helps one to manage time appropriately and get the best of life. It gives a balance in work and play.


Describe a wild animal found in your country.

You may speak about the following:

What the animal is

What it looks like

Where it lives

And explain how you feel about this animal

Today I am going to talk about Lion which is also known as the “King of the Jungle”. Loins are found in forests and wild life sanctuaries especially in Gujarat, in the Gir Forest, National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. They have stout and large bodies. The mane if the lion shows its pride and is usually golden brown in color. I really became fond of loins after watching a movie “Born Free” where an orphaned lion cub “Elsa” is raised by a couple and then it is released back into the wild. This movie made a strong impression on me and I started to like animals. I started caring for other animals also but the memory of Elsa in the movie, stayed with me ever since. However, these lions have become an endangered species now. The government is doing a lot to save these species but due to deforestation and other human activities, these species are about to become extinct. So apart from the government, even the people have to contribute a lot to save these species. Though NGO’s are working selflessly in our country to preserve the endangered species but still a lot more needs to be done-specially the hunters and poachers are willing to kill these animals for their own benefits and the state really has to take certain strict action to stop this illegal activity. Wild animals are a part of our eco-system so we have a responsibility to preserve a balanced eco-system for the future generations.

Follow-up questions:

Q1. Did you have a pet when you were a child?

A. Yes, I do remember I had a small little white Pomeranian dog named ‘Pluto’. He stayed in our family for 10 years. I still vividly recall all the time I spent with him and we all loved him a lot.

Q2. What can be done to protect wild animals in your country?

A. In my opinion, we in India, really need strict rules and regulations in order to save wild animals from the hunters and poachers. Furthermore, the endangered species should be kept in wild life sanctuaries, so that we are able to preserve these species. For example, few years back the population of Tigers in India had started to decrease but due to the efforts from the environmentalists now the number of Tigers has started to increase. So these types of efforts are required.

Q3. Do you think young people are aware of conservation of animals in your country?

A. Yes, I feel majority of them are aware about conservation programs, which have been launched to protect the animals. Basically, it is a part of the school curriculum and also children participate in campaigns like ‘Save the Tiger’ and even the media is broadcasting this cause through videos and documentaries which helps to spread awareness among the people related to conservation.

Q4. According to you, animals should be kept in Zoos or Wildlife Sanctuaries?

A. I personally, believe that the animals should not be kept in captivity, but sometimes if there are certain endangered species, these should be kept in wildlife sanctuaries, which at least provides them to live in open space and natural habitat rather than keeping them confined to the cages.

Q5. Many people are of the view that we should not eat non Vegetarian foods and eat only vegetables as by this we are killing animals for our own needs. What are your views about it?

A. Being a vegetarian / Non Vegetarian is a personal choice. Though I am a vegetarian, I really cannot stop people from eating Non Vegetarian food. These eating habits depend on your culture and climate. For example people living in cold climate do not have many options of eating vegetarian food so in order to live they have to hunt or poach the animals.

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