Recent Cue Cards asked in the Speaking Section of IELTS in Chandigarh Test Centers

Describe facilities you think should be made available in your city.

  • You may speak about
  • What city you stay in
  • What facilities are required
  • How would it improve the quality of life

I am a resident of Chandigarh, which is also known as city beautiful. The city is the first modern city of India and it has all the basic facilities and amenities. However, due to the population explosion even Chandigarh requires certain more facilities, to make life of the citizens more comfortable. According to me, it requires a metro rail, as the city is becoming congested day by day. Especially during the peak hours, traffic jams have become common in my city. People often reach late to their offices, workplaces or homes. This has led to rise of anxiety and stress among people. Moreover, more number of private vehicles are plying on the roads nowadays, which is adding to traffic congestion and air pollution. So, I feel that if we have a metro these problems can be mitigated .The use of public transport would lead to less number of cars on the road, which would automatically lead to less pollution level. Moreover it will be more convenient for the people living in the suburbs to commute daily to Chandigarh and their life will be hassle free. So, I personally feel that a metro is really required in my city for a better lifestyle.

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Describe a tourist attraction which is not quite famous in your country

  • You may speak about the following points
  • Where is the place situated
  • Why do you think it is beautiful
  • When did you visit it
  • Why more tourists must visit this destination

Majority of the tourists who visit India, go to Goa, Rajasthan or to Kerala and Himachal Pradesh but India is such a diverse county that almost every state has some tourist attractions. Today I am going to talk about Pondicherry commonly known as Pondy which is not as famous as Goa but I feel that it is more serene, calm and clean as compared to the other tourist attractions. Pondicherry, a French colonial settlement in India until 1954, is now a union territory town bounded by the south eastern Tamil Nadu state. The French influences of the culture can be still felt over here. Many tourists flock to this place which is studded with beautiful beaches. The towns ‘Aurarille’ with the famous Shri Aurobindo Ashram is another prominent reason why people come over here. Pondicherry is the centre to learn the art of yoga, meditation and spirituality. This is a city for the explorers. I went there with my friends, last year. I was amazed to see a small French town in India. The culture, food and ambiance are another highlight of this beautiful city, with beautiful beaches, along the Bay of Bengal. It also has many colonial buildings, churches, temples and statues which combined with French style avenues give a unique aura to the city. The sea and beaches are a popular draw for the tourists and if one wants to spend quality time with your near and dear ones this is a place to visit.

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