Speaking in IELTS is very interesting and we at Masterprep help the students to master this art by providing valuable inputs.

Speaking in IELTS is very interesting and we at Masterprep help the students to  master this art by providing valuable inputs.

Any outing which did not cost much money

Recently, I along with my friends decided to spend some time together as we all had been busy with our studies, for a long time so we could not find time to, just sit back and relax. One of my friends suggested that rather than meeting in a café or a mall, we should drive towards Kasauli and sit at some ‘wayside dhaba’ and enjoy the drive and the weather, as it is much cooler out there. So all of us bought few eatables, cold drinks and snacks and started our trip towards Kasuali. It was a lovely drive with natural scenic beauty. And at this point of time the hills are full of flowers be it Oleander, Bottle-brush or Acacia. When we reached a secluded place we decided to sit there for some time. All of us were very excited to click photographs, selfies with a beautiful natural backdrop and we sat there and started eating chips, burgers and other things which we had bought from our homes. My friend started playing music on his mobile and we all talked, cracked jokes and had a gala time with each other. Then we decided, to walk and climb up the hills, as the grass and the foliage was lush green. We could hear various birds chirping and we were really rejuvenated after being amidst nature. Suddenly we realized that we had spend around 4-5 hours and that too without spending a lot of money. When we visit the city malls, we tend to spend a lot of money and sometimes it becomes very boring and monotonous also. Eventually we drove back to Chandigarh and the memory of this outing will always stay fresh in my mind, as I had really enjoyed a lot with my friends. Choose Masterprep that provide you best IELTS Coaching to score better.

Q1 How have the recreational activities changed as compared to the past?
A 1. Well there has been a drastic change, as far as the activities are concerned. Earlier, people used to lead a simple life, they did not have much money to spend on such things, so occasionally they used to go out to watch movies, play outdoor games or just relax in a garden or a park.However,with passage of time ,peoples spending capacity has increased and there are various recreational activities, like adventure sports like bungee jumping, river rafting paragliding or bowling, pool etc.Also internet provides a whole lot of such activities like online games, songs serials web-series for peoples enjoyment.

Q2 Do you think these activities would change in the future?
A2. Yes, I think so, as these have changed from the past, so in future also new activities will be for the people to de stress themselves. With new developments in technology, in future there are plethora of possibilities .As such people sitting in different parts of the world are playing online games and also the sports and games are becoming accessible to all strata of society.

Q3 Why do you think people need such free time?
A3. People nowadays are very busy with their work. Even the children do not have any free time. As such, life has become much busier nowdays,so people need some time to rejuvenate and de stress themselves. Any break from your studies or work can help you to feel refreshed and full of energy and people work better after taking regular holidays.