Speaking Task to CELPIP Exam

Task 2

Talking about a Past Experience

CELPIP speaking task 2, is about describing a situation or some happening in one’s personal life. At Masterprep the trainers guide the candidates the correct usage of descriptive adjectives, adverbs and gerunds to assist the students, to get a good score in CELPIP speaking.

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Task 2, of the Speaking Module assesses a candidate’s ability to narrate an anecdote about something he/she has experienced in the past. The candidate speaks for 60 second only and 30 seconds are given for preparation.

Example prompt can be something like this:

Talk about a time when you were late for an appointment. May be you can talk about being late for doctor’s appointment or arriving late for extra class or a get together. Why were you late and how you felt afterwards?

In this task a candidate primarily will be using past tense forms. If you cannot remember any such experience then imagine a situation that you can easily talk about.

Make an effort to use descriptive language and try to sound realistic. To score well in this task, you need to be able to recount and describe a series of events clearly with a beginning, middle and end so that the listener is able to comprehend what you are speaking. Always speak in a chronological order and try to connect ideas and facts by using phrases such as . One reason I like this….or “the first thing that comes to my mind…”. Furthermore, provide details that make the story interesting and effectively describes your feelings about what happened.

For example you can start your discourse by saying,” I remember a time when I had to visit a dentist for my root canal. I was really in pain and I had booked an appointment with him but I could not reach there in time and I had to bear the pain for one more day. Actually, I started late from my home and in between I was stuck in a traffic jam. To add to my woes, it started to rain heavily and I could not even walk to the metro station. I tried calling the doctor but he did not pick my phone. When I reached there, he was attending another patient. I had to wait for half an hour but unfortunately, when my turn came it was too late to start the procedure. He gave me a medicine to reduce my pain and re-scheduled my appointment for the next morning. When I had confirmed to him, that I would come tomorrow morning, I remembered that I had an important meeting the next day. I knew that I would have to be absent from the meeting and reach in time for my dental procedure. So that day I realized, that one must be punctual and know how to manage one’s time.”

In the end, one can conclude by saying, something about the topic like, I am glad I did not miss that party, if the prompt is about a party, or in this question, the last line which states that one must be punctual and know how to manage one’s time.