SPEAKING TEST (held on 25TH October, Chandigarh)

Part 1

Q. 1.  Did you enjoy your childhood?

Ans. Yes, I had a very happy childhood. I grew up in a joint family with lot of love and laughter.

Q. 2. Did you have a lot of friends when you were a child?

Ans. Yes, I do remember that I had number of friends during my childhood. There were few in my school and other in my neighbourhood.

  1. What did you enjoy doing as a child?

Ans. Playing with my friends and watching cartoons on Television was my favourite pastime. Apart from it, I also liked to spend my time with my grandparents who really loved me a lot.

Part 2


School days, I believe are the best days of our life. When we are young, we like to fool around, study and spend time with our friends. I remember, when I was studying in my 6th standard, a new rule was implemented. The rule was that no student was allowed to speak in their native tongue in the school premises and was only allowed to speak in Hindi in their Hindi classes. All of my friends, including me, at first were really very upset with this rule as when talking to our friends we used to speak in Hindi/Punjabi (any other language) but slowly and steadily we found that our English had started improving, without any effort. At first we used to laugh at each other if anyone started a conversation in English but at the time we were really afraid of our teachers and we had no option but to speak English. The most testing time was during the lunch break because during that hour, we all were in very carefree mood and it was really difficult to converse in English. But with passing time, we developed a habit of speaking in English and when I reached my high school I spoke English with confidence. So, now I feel very grateful that the new rule was implemented as we all know that English nowadays is spoken worldwide and my school, I feel  gave me an impetus to speak this language.

Part 3

How has the education changed in your country in the last 10 years?

Well, there has been a major transformation in the education system of my country. Earlier it was all about cramming the subjects but now more technical skills are taught with the help of audio-visual aids.

School Education more important to a boy or a girl? Why? 

I think there should be no discrimination between boys and girls for imparting education. Though, it was a trend in my country that the boys were more qualified as compared to the girls. But, of late, even the girls are given the same level of education as that of the boys and I believe, it is really very important for the development of any country

How important is it for schools to have computers for their students?

Nowadays, education is incomplete without computers and I personally also feel that it is very important for students to learn through computers.  For example, there are subjects which can be made more interesting through computers like history, geography and Science that provide a visual understanding of the subject.

How well do you think schools prepare for your future life?

In my opinion, schools lay the foundation for our upcoming life.  Be it our work or relationship with our colleagues or family members, school teaches tell us about all the things, directly or indirectly. For example, I remember that we always used to share our tiffin with anyone who had not brought it, so from there; I have learnt to help the poor and needy people. Hence, I feel School prepares us for all our upcoming life, be it time management or working in a team