Speaking Test on the topic “A present” | Masterprep

Q1.      How often you go to the cinema?

A1.       I am not a movie buff, but may be once a month I go out with my friends to watch a movie at the theatre.

Q2.      Do you prefer to watch a film at the cinema or at home?

A2.       I always like to watch a movie in a cinema because of the sound quality and also there is no disturbance, like there is in home.

Q3.      Which film from your childhood do you remember most?

A3.       Well, no second thoughts about it. I loved Harry Potter series and I grew up watching them.

Q1.      What sorts of food do you like eating most?

A1.       I love eating my traditional food like chickpeas and rice/ kidney beans but yes sometimes I also binge on fast food.

Q2.      In your country is cooking a mans job or a womans job?

A2.       Traditionally speaking, it is a duty assigned to the women, but nowadays with changing trends even men enjoy cooking.

Q3.      Do you watch cooking programmes on TV?

A3.       No, I do not like such programmes but sometimes when I am with my mother, she watches these programmes and I also see such kind of shows with her.

Cue Card

Describe the best present you have ever received in your life.

  • What the present was
  • Who gave it to you
  • When you received it
  • And explain why this is the best present you have ever received.

I still vividly remember that on my eighteenth birthday I received the best gift of my life and it was given to me by my parents. It was an Apple MacBook and I really was overjoyed to receive this gift. After passing out my high school I had always wanted to have this product but my parents were of the view, that I was too young to handle it as it is very expensive. So I had to work on my desktop computer. I would pester/ cajole my parents to buy it for me. To my surprise  on my 18th Birthday when I woke up in the morning there was a gift lying on my bed, wrapped  in a beautiful gift paper and when I opened  it, I really could not believe my eyes. It was a Mac Book and my parents were standing in my room to surprise me and shower their blessings.  I got up from my bed and hugged them both. My joy knew no bounds and I thanked them both for giving me such a wonderful gift. I really needed it for my studies and also for interacting with my friends on social networking sites. Apart from being a source of obtaining information it can also be used to entertainment oneself like I can listen to music and watch movies.


Q1.      On which occasions do people in your country usually exchange gifts?

Well, there are several occasions. Right from the birth of a child to his/her marriage or anniversary, gifts are given to people in my country. Especially on birthdays of children people love to give gifts like toys, dolls, teddy bear etc. and for marriages the gifts include gold jewellery or some household item. So for every occasions, gifts are exchanged.

Q2.      How important it is to wrap presents in an attractive way?

I feel that it is very important to gift wrap a present because it adds to the beauty of gift-giving. The person who receives the gift also feels very happy to get a gift properly wrapped and nowadays, there are many attractive gift wraping papers available in the market to beautify the gifts.

Q3.      What difference has come in the type of gifts which are given nowadays as compared to the past.

In yester years people led a very simple lifestyle and there was no extra money for luxuries, so even the gifts were not expensive, often hand-made gifts like knitted sweaters or hand stitched clothes were exchanged but with the passage of time as the lifestyle of people has improved so did their spending potential. Hence people spend a lot of money on purchasing gifts for others.