Speaking Topic of IELTS Exam in April, Amritsar

Speaking Topic of IELTS Exam in April, Amritsar

Any story you know

  • What is the story about?
  • Why do you like it?
  • Where did you hear it first?
  • What lesson it teaches to you?

Today I am going to narrate a short folk tale which is very popular in my culture. This story teaches us a moral lesson also that “a friend in need is friend indeed”. This is a story about two young friends, going to a forest. Suddenly, they see a bear standing in front of them. They both are frightened and afraid. One of the friends knows how to climb up a tree. He goes up the tree and his friend who is unable to climb seeks his help. But the friend refuses. The bear comes near him and the one who is unable to climb up, lies down pretending to be dead, as he had heard that the bear does not attack the dead people. The bear comes near the boy sniffs and then walks away. When the boy climbs down the tree he asks him what the bear had said. Then, the boy replies back by saying that the bear advised him that a true friend can be judged when one is in trouble. I remember my grandmother narrating the story to me and my cousins. The way she unfolded the plot, describing each and every detail, made the story more interesting. We heard the story number of times, we knew it by heart but still we enjoyed listening to her again and again. Now also, whenever I meet my cousins, we remember the story-telling session by my grandmother with nostalgia.

Follow up questions

Q1. Why do you think children enjoy listening to stories?
A1. I feel that children are highly creative and imaginative and they always want to explore new things. So story is a medium through which they can gives wings to their creativity.

Q2. How are the stories passed from one generation to other?
A2. Well definitely through oral tradition. The elder generation narrates a story to the younger one and they, to the next. For example as I just told you that my grandmother told me stories when I was young, I shall also narrate the same to the next generation.

Q3. Do you think the children of this present generation enjoy story telling?
A3. Yes, of course they do. No doubt that they have many gadgets today, but still I feel that when your parents or grandparent tells you a story it is more interesting than watching it on Television or you tube. Personally also I feel that bed time stories are an important part of our growing up and parents can share a special bonding with their offspring’s through this.

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