Speaking Topic in IELTS Exam Held in Chandigarh on 10th September

Describe something important that you lost

Recently I had to give a presentation in my IELTS institute on Global warming. I had really worked hard for it and I had made a presentation, including various videos and lectures from eminent environmentalists. I had stored the entire data in a pen drive. On that particular day, when I reached my IELTS institute, I decided to go through it once before the actual presentation. However, to my dismay, when I looked inside my bag the pen drive was nowhere to be found. I really got very anxious and started to panic.

Then I thought that maybe I had left it at my home. I called up my parents but after searching for it, they were not able to locate it. I was really confused, so as what to do now. My friends, who were there with me, suggested of downloading the data and make a new file. One of them gave his pen drive to me. Luckily, I did remember the website from which I had collected the data and the written part was safe in my notebook.

My friends did the typing work and after 15-20 minutes, I was able to finish my work. Though, it was not as good as the previous one, but it helped me save my face.

Q  Do you think the younger generation is careless?

A. Well, I cannot say it for all but yes, the young adults are always in a hurry and they are not good at time management.

Q.Why do you think people always seem to be in hurry nowadays?

A. The lifestyle of people is responsible for this and also people want to accomplish a lot in a small time, so they always seem to be in hurry.