The Golden Rules for IELTS Essay Writing

The Golden Rules for IELTS  Essay Writing

IELTS Essay writing is not as easy as it seems to be. A good essay writing requires good vocabulary, relevant points to the topic, innovation, a definite structure and clarity of thoughts.   Some golden rules will help you for IELTS Essay Writing that could be exceptional.

1.    Stick to the Topic

The primary rule of writing is to stick to the topic you are writing on. You have to add all the relevant information to the topic in your essay. Don’t make a mistake by adding additional information just to increase its length. Try to be as specific as you can. This will only make your essay relevant and reliable.

2.    Paragraph Structure

Make a paragraph by a paragraph plan that presents a developing argument to the topic. The structure helps you to organize your thoughts into a proper structure that includes an introduction, the body and the conclusion.  The information should be presented in a paragraph format; only then the essay looks relevant.

3.    Usage of Linking Words

Use linking words, to help the reader follow the development of the essay. It is always beneficial to use words that link your information to another paragraph making your paragraph more intriguing for the reader.  Your information should not be misleading to the reader.  This makes your essay more clear and avoid confusions in the mind of readers and will know that your argument is progressing towards the next stage. Some of the conventional connectors or linking words are Nevertheless, Furthermore, However, with this in mind, Consequently, In contrast.

4.    Introduction

In the opening or the introductory paragraph, immediately focus on the given topic. The sentences should be inter-connected; entwined in such a manner that it should define an idea of the topic. You should briefly explain the contents of the topic so that the reader has a clear idea about your argument.

5.    Concluding Paragraph

The concluding paragraph must return to the topic that was raised in the first part of the essay and draw a satisfactory conclusion. You should summarize the points that were raised in the introduction. The conclusion should define the purpose of your essay and draw the final statement to conclude your perspective in terms of evidence and resources.

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