Top Tips for South Asian for PTE Speaking Section

Top Tips for South Asian for PTE Speaking Section

Did you ever wonder that in-spite of writing in English all day at work or in college, also able to speak quite well; you are facing issues in scoring? Do not worry! You are not alone in this. Many South Asians face the same dilemma. We have one word answer for you: Algorithm. The PTE exam format is such that there are no human ears that is going to listen to English and will judge your proficiency in the language. It is a machine; therefore, you need to prepare for your test accordingly so that algorithm hears you.

Follow these tips to score well in your PTE:

Tip 1: Avoid speaking very fast:

It is advisable to have a speaking pace that you would be able to maintain for the entire test. Do not forget that PTE is an internet-based exam. Therefore, the machine will be listening to you. So, if you are going to speak too fast, the chances of confusing the algorithm are very high. The computer might not be able to pick everything you say.

What you can do is, try to cover all vital points instead of addressing each question. The conclusion is as crucial as the points. Focus on providing quality rather than quantity. Just remember to sound natural

Tip 2: Speak clearly:

Remember that test centers would be noisy. Therefore you have to speak loudly or else the machine wouldn’t listen to you and will not mark you. Also, there is a higher possibility that you will get disturbed by the noisy environment. You have to speak distinctly and loudly.  It would be best if you practice for this chaotic environment is to have a radio playing at the backdrop while you practice the speaking module of the PTE exam.

Tip 3: Pay close attention to your pronunciation:

Make sure to pay close attention to your pronunciation. You might have also noticed that you blend some words, like ‘I don’t know’ becomes ‘I dunno’. Make sure to focus on pronouncing every single phoneme correctly. Best way to practice is to record an audio every time you revise. Then go over your recordings to review your performance.

Tip 4: Avoid Long Pauses

Taking long pauses in between your speech is strictly discouraged. Using ‘aa’ and the ‘umm’ in day-to-day conversation is okay, but using them on test day can lead to negative marking. We usually use them because it helps us buy time to think about what to say next. This practice will yield negative marking. The best way to avoid it is to slow down and think about what to say next.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, then you will be able to score well in the speaking module. We all know the South East Asian accent is different from that of westerners, but it doesn’t mean you can’t score well. Practice these top 4 tips, and the ball will be in your court.

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