Understanding of Maps in IELTS Listening Section

In map labeling tasks, firstly a candidate must be clear about the directions:

Before listening to the audio scripts, look carefully at the map and ask yourself where things are in relation to the question numbers. Then listen for descriptions which match your ideas.

  1. As you go into the station, the post office is in your right.
  2. From the town hall, the cinema is further away than the shopping mall.
  3. As you face the town hall, the post office is on your left.
  4. From the café, the post office is further away than the shopping mall.
  5. Standing facing the café, the town hall is behind you.
  6. As you come out of the station, the cinema is in front of you.


1. What is between the station and town hall?

2. What is opposite to the post office?

3.What is next to the cinema? The shopping mall.

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