Use Of Coordinating Conjunction In IELTS Writing

In the last blog we gave you information about the conjunctions and now in continuation with the same the conjunctions have been explain with examples. Hope that this information will make your understanding of coordinating conjunctions very clear.

and and used to add another or similar idea Turmeric is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, and it is used in medicinal preparations.
but Used to add an opposite idea or show contrast. Turmeric is widely used in Asian cuisine, but it is becoming more popular in international cuisine.
or Used to express a choice or an alternative Turmeric can be used for treating an injury, or it can aid in digestive process.
so Used to give an effect or a result The Ayurvedic doctor was successful in treating his patient with turmeric, so he decided to try this remedy with other patients.
for Used to introduce a reason or a cause Turmeric is healthy, for it carries medicinal properties.
yet Used to express surprise or something unexpected Turmeric is a natural remedy to heal wounds, yet few consider using it.
nor Used to join two negative sentences Turmeric cannot cure a cold, nor can it remedy the flu.