Which section of IELTS is the toughest for the students?

English language proficiency tests are a nightmare for students who aren’t good in English but desire to go abroad for higher studies. Even after multiple attempts, they end up scoring 5 or 5.5 band which doesn’t help them all as they never get a good university with such score.

Let us first tell you about different sections of IELTS –
The IELTS Test is divided into 4 parts – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The details of these are shown in the Infographic –


Now most of the students lose their marks in Listening Section simply because it requires a lot of focus. The question is not repeated and you are supposed to understand it in the first go. So the listening part will certainly be very tough if you haven’t practiced listening to typical English accent. That is why joining IELTS Training Institutes like MasterPrep really helps. The IELTS expert team converses with you on daily basis and that boosts your confidence as well as strength in understanding English.

Many students find the speaking section tougher as you have to converse with a human rater. Moreover, speaking section is tricky as you will be asked about various topics in a short span of time. So if you haven’t been paying attention to the current affairs or aren’t prepared enough to present information about your life in a convincing manner, you will lose your score in this section. It is in this context that PTE Academic is easier than IELTS. Because speaking to a human rater causes anxiety and jitteriness in many students. On the other hand, PTE gives you the relaxation of speaking into a microphone. Hence, you can perform better in this section if you choose to give PTE Academic Test over the IELTS Test.

To round up the discussion, IELTS becomes easy for those who go for it well-prepared. For everyone else, each section is going to be a tough mountain. Take MasterPrep’s help in conquering it!